Our Invitational Tennis Tournament will take place Saturday, November 10th from 5:00pm-Midnight at The Tennis Club at Springhurst.

The area’s best tennis players and local pros will compete for prize money AND the opportunity to win their “owners” a fabulous prize.

Tournament Format is a flighted round robin: 4 teams in 4 flights with the top finishers advancing to the semifinals.   Each round robin match and quarterfinals is the first team to 4 games with ad+ scoring.  A 7 point tiebreaker is played at 3-3.  Semi-finals and finals are one set matches.

Entry fee per player is $100.00.   Funds can be raised through donations from friends, family, and supporters in our effort to fund cancer research!

Each player receives two tickets for the event and player Dry-Fit RTL-shirt


Champion       Eric Quigley / Hunter Gerlach
Finalist            Brian Stonestreet / Darius Moslemi
Third Place      Mel Purcell / Jakob Gustafson
Fourth Place    Mason Johnson / Sean Donohue


Champion        Michael Cunnigham / Patrick Gaughan
Finalist             Matt Mathes / Albert Wagner
Third Place      Grant Roberts / Kevin McAdams
Fourth Place    Tim Bradshaw / Max Lile


Champion        Robyn White & Parker Gregory
Finalist             Robert Stedman & Patrick Gaughan
Third Place      Patrick Weant & Mason Johnson
Fourth Place    Nathan Matthews & Kevin Ball


Champion            Robert Stedman & Patrick Gaughan
Finalist                 Michael Cunningham & Kevin Ball
Third Place          Hunter Gerlach & Matt Mathes
Fourth Place        Matt Emery & Greg Adelson


Champion             Tyler Cook & Josh Surowski
Finalist                   Matt Allinder & Matt Mathes
Third Place            Tim Bradshaw & Ankur Gopal
Fourth Place          Artie Peller & Greg Adelson